Semi Tied Brokers

Just like their tied counterparts semi-tied brokers work for more than one lender hence buyers get several offers. Although they are tied to several lenders, buyers aren’t limited to one lender. But the big question is would you rather go it alone or look for a broker?

For an experienced buyer, it might be tempting to go it alone with the pretence that you will be saving some cash, unlike first-time buyers.

But in all situations, it’s advisable to use a mortgage broker to get the best deals. Moreover, before signing on the dotted lines, the broker has to prove it to you that the mortgage is the right one for you based on several facts.

The facts give you the buyer clear cut lines on where you stand hence making a decision will be easy in the end. Moreover, buyers are always on the winning side since they get the best deal a deal corresponding with their earnings. In addition to that, in case you want to change your mortgage or have some financial problems, the mortgage broker will come in to advise you on possible solutions.

Brokers are qualified and regulated personnel who always have their client’s interest at heart. In addition to the above, their experience and knowledge of the industry come in handy when looking for a mortgage.

Besides all the above as a buyer, you have the upper hand when taking a mortgage. Before the lender approves your mortgage, a valuer must visit the property in question and check if the value is equal to the funds in your mortgage application. The broker will verify the check is done and the figures indicated are correct.

Semi tied brokers
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