Sundays for Haley

Sundays were day-offs for Haley. Same with me. It was a good time to be at 777 Casino. The two of us had spent way too much time at our own casinos, anyhow. It was time for a change of pace.

777 Casino was the third most well-known casino in town. But it was every bit as good as the other two. It had its own unique offers. This was aside from the usual stuff like book cafes and vintage game museums.

The two of us met up at a cat cafe in 777 Casino. We spent the time ‘cat gazing’ at some point. But we also spent time talking about the latest in the Arrowverse TV series. It was one of the things Haley and I had in common. We were huge fans of the CW shows.

In fact, a funny thing happened before our meetup at 777 Casino. I was deep into catching up on my Arrowverse fix. I’d stopped watching a month ago. That meant I was only around the fourth episodes of each show. I was in the middle of episode 9 of The Flash. But my boss rang me on my cell. He asked me to cover for a shift at work. I was loath to part with the shows. Still, work was work. Sadly, I have yet to catch up with that episode since then.

I still haven’t. Then our fateful meet at 777 Casino came around. I could have watched on my cell, but it was having trouble with streaming. Bad luck all around for me. Oh, well. There’s always later.

Instead, I thought about how the series has been. It was a good way to spend the time it would take to get to 777 Casino. I had a good 3 hours to go. Supergirl just wrapped up with the Agent of Liberty arc. At least, it seemed to. We still have no idea who the Russian Supergirl is. At least, Nia Nall now gets to show her skills. Sadly, her transgender role has been put in the backseat.

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Sundays for Haley
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