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Buying property y can be a cumbersome exercise that might make a hard decision harder than it looks. During this time money issues will arise without you knowing which direction to head. Apart from the baggage that comes with buying property as a buyer, you have to continue going on with life. But in today’s world, all the stress and baggage that come with buying a property can be handled by a broker.

Many of us go for mortgages once we find our dream homes or want to purchase property for investments instead of having to deal with all the haggling and filling of documents why not use a go-between. In this case, it will be a mortgage broker. The brokers will come in and asses your financial capability, and before you know, it draws up a mortgage to secure that home for you. But before we even go further let’s understand who mortgage brokers are and what their responsibilities are.

Mortgage Broker

A mortgages broker is an adviser who acts as an intermediary between the lenders and the buyers. When looking for mortgage buyers are usually bombarded with information such as different deals, interest rates among other details that always led to confusing moments during the whole process. Furthermore, lenders representative tend to be biased while pitching in their mortgages offers to clients.

To sort all these challenges, a mortgage broker comes in to help the buyer. Through their advice and knowledge of the market, they will you the buyer the perfect mortgage plan that corresponds with our financial status. They will also take care of all the paperwork that comes with mortgage application for you and forward it to the lender. While doing all this process they usually charge a fee for services offered.

Fees Charged

As brokers, they are entitled to payment when doing all the work of breaking down the technical parts of getting a mortgage. Depending on the type of mortgage broker you are working with the fees might be one time or commission based.

For the former, the costs might be applied throughout the entire mortgage process until you complete paying or might be one time. Remember the fees shouldn’t be a deal breaker for you.

Types of Mortgage Brokers

There are three types of mortgages brokers independent, tied and semi-tied. Independent Mortgage Brokers These group of brokers the ideal type of brokers to always go for because of the way they work. As the names suggest, they will look for the best deals in town from any lender which translates to more than one mortgage offer for the buyer.

Tied Brokers

Unlike their Independent brother’s tied mortgage brokers work with only one lender which means a tied broker will give you one mortgage plan. To the buyer, this limits your options, but in the end, it’s all about getting the best interest rates. Although they are tied to one lender, they might be able to negotiate the best interest rates for you because they understand the lender more.

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Tied Brokers
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